dimarts, 2 de desembre de 2008

This is very important for me,
because it's a shield of my team, l'estartit.
I'm identified because i'm playing with his team and
because I'm feel de colours when
I play with a T-shirt.
(red and waith).
sara and eva.mp3

dimarts, 18 de novembre de 2008

divendres, 14 de novembre de 2008

dimarts, 4 de novembre de 2008

Hi!.. =)

My name is Eva, and this is my bolgger.I'm sixteen years old.
I am very happy, friendly and serious.
I like play football with my football team, his name is U.E. L'ESTARTIT.
It is a woman's team.

In this blogg there will be, texts and things that I made in class or homework.
I understend a little the english.
A kiss (K)*..


dijous, 17 de gener de 2008

They are very simpatycs

This persons are my friends and my "techer".
The techer's name is Pere, and the friend's name is Jordi and Ferran
This photo they are in a dinner that tehy stay in Ies Casstelló D'empuries.
Jordi is very importan to my, becaus is my best friend.
Pere is a good techer, becaus is veri polite, and the other person is very nice.
bye bye!


dilluns, 17 de desembre de 2007

She is my best friend, her name is ariadna armangol. She's 15 years old.
She is very important to me.She always helps me in many important things. She is molt nice, calm, etc.
In this photo we are in a party that I hoist in st pere fisherman.
Thank you for being since you are